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^^^^^ Reviews ! - Read Before Posting please .^^^^^


100 TW
Dec 27, 2006
Moncton NB, Canada
Ok, so you got something new, or have an opinion to share ! Awsome !

Product reviews can be very subjective, depending on your writing style and experience with similar other products you may think this new kit is the best thing since sliced bread or the worst thing ever.. either way we welcome your opinion ! :wink:

Things to do:

- Proper subject title ( product name and model if applicable )
- Source of the product ( website or company name )
- Ordering and Shipping process, timeline, etc. how was communication and how well was the item packaged..
- Price paid

A quick intro to state what your experience level is, is this your 1st ebike ? or do you have other points of reference..

How long have you had it, New or Used..

Facts, not Fluff.. Not everyone has equipment to quantify test results, but some very basic stuff should be covered, Weight, Voltage, Size, etc.. If you have a power meter and a GPS, even better !

For example, with a motor/battery kit, your weight and test conditions are very important, the range you get on a charge will not be the same if you weigh 150 lbs vs 250 lbs.... road or knobbie tires, tire pressure, pedal assist or no pedal assist.. hill climbing ability. What you call a MONSTER HILL may not be that much of a hill to some other forum members, so your location plays a factor in this.. try to explain best you can .

Update your product reviews once in a while if you can, it's always good to know how things hold up over time.

If you just got a product and are having problems, need help to get it sorted out, go to the Tech section, once you get it working and have used it, then you can write a review :wink:

Thank you, I think the review section is not the place to solve a problem. 10 pages into a review, I don't care where the discussion has gone, but you shouldn't have to hunt the whole section to find a review that is acutally a review, or a thread on an actual test of some kind. I really like being able to edit my first few posts on page one of a review, so I can add info to the first page as I collect it.

No way would I have thousands of posts on this forum without the great work you do for us, mods and admin. Thanks a LOT! 8) You guys are the reason this is the best forum for EV's