SM 3-Pin (Male to KT Female) Thumb Throttle With Least Deadband Out of 3 tested: L-Faster


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Jan 21, 2020
Could have tested a couple others but they were not 1-2 day Amazon Prime. One of them didn't work at all and few others didn't have the right connection; I will link all 4 male ones that actually fit a KT female 3-pin sm plug below. At least one of these also has a waterproof option. There are female 3-pin ones that of course didn't kit a KT controller but would probably fit a more generic DC controller, although the L-Faster one fit both types. Will return most of them.

Least deadband, about 10-12mm of deadband travel before power: L-Faster. I have this on my other bike, works pretty good and wondered if it was the E-Bikeling sine wave controller or the throttle. It was the throttle. Glad I bought it again. Didn't bother to hook up the battery voltmeter, don't need it.

L-Faster Throttle

Intermediate deadband, maybe 15-18mm travel before power: (Hudamzky) Wuxing 300X. This also comes with a waterproof plug option. It's not bad. Just not as good as the L-Faster one.

(Hudamzky) Wuxing 300X Throttle

Current throttle I've been using for 220 miles on the mid-drive, 20-25mm travel before power: (SCHUCK) 130X 3 Pin SM Connector throttle. Low profile, some may like that for a thumb throttle. It's predictable, but it's pretty annoying when trying to give power up hills. You do not want to wheelie the front tire by pushing too much.

(SCHUCK) 130X 3 Pin Throttle

Connected to KT controller but didn't work at all: VGEBY 12V-99V Thumb Throttle

VGEBY 12V-99V Thumb Throttle
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Short L-Faster throttle test up and down street: much more starting power. Still good modulation after startup, but toned down PAS start from 3 strong to 1 weak and it still starts up fairly strong in PAS1 with about 300W. Then goes down. Power bands in PAS 1-4: all of those wider, much wider. Max watts higher in each of those now. PAS1 with last throttle was not even worth bothering because it was so weak, now it looks like most riding can be done in PAS1; we'll have to see when things level out for elevation how much the watts drop.

We'll see if the increased power start in lower PAS levels negatively affects riding up slow, difficult singletrack inclines. As in potential for unwanted wheelies. Can always switch back to other throttle, will ride several hundred miles with this one and see how it stacks up.