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Parts/build list


10 MW
Mar 3, 2015

I have a little experience with alot of stuff, but never electric+bikes, and wasn't really all that up on bikes because I hadn't ever re-dished a wheel or replaced a bb. Now I know many things I was shy of were only a forum/utube search and a tool away from completion!

I understand why we call it a hobby now, cuz if we didn't it'd be more like a full time job haha.
But it really can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be I guess.
Here's some great parts, materials, and tools; Links, prices, descriptions included. I am hoping they will help people new to this save a little time when doing a repair or starting from scratch.
I'll update my list as is fitting.

And of course questions and your own recommendations are welcome too!!!
I am fresh to the ebike scene and have learned alot in the past few months, many thanks to the kind people on the sphere.
I wanted to give back a little, because the amount of shopping involved took so much time, and it was so easy to buy the wrong thing, or spend so much time sifting thru products. Some of these I've come across myself, and others I definitely remember where and who I heard about them from. So thanks!

Mostly people will buy a kit, but there's always a little customization and fixing that's gonna happen over time, so here's decent links/descriptions of stuff that may come in handy for you that have worked for me, and were among the best value and quality I found.
Also are some tools I used and some that I don't hear mentioned much, so new diy'ers might not know about them. In general I found all of them useful.


Aluminum weld spoolgun
Longevity 741360253094 LONGEVITY Spoolgun 140
Definitely my biggest 'ebike' tool purchase. Works with pretty much all mig welders. Usually just need to jump the extra 2 wires to the motor +&- in the welder case.
Came in handy when making a special mount for the bht. I'm sure it will come in handy for alot!

Cassette lockring socket
$7 Park Tool Cassette/Rotor Lockring Removal Tool - FR-5/FR-5G
Works for my 8spd cassette. probably 9& 10spd too.

Bottom bracket socket
$11 BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle Shimano Bottom Bracket Removal Remover Tool
20teeth, worked for the original bb, and worked for the wider replacement.
Also customized along with whiteind hd fw as a removaltool for that too.

Die grinder rotary burr
$15 TEMO SF-5 Double Cut CARBIDE ROTARY BURR 1/4" SHANK 1/2" Round Nose Tree
Very handy for die grinder. super sharp/aggressive. Die grinders are a big step up from finer detail dremels. You'll need air of course.

Step bits/ Unibits
$14 Titanium Nitride Coated High Speed Steel Step Drill Bit Set 3 Pc
Very handy. Go easy on steel, and they last long, also great for plastic, fiberglass, carbonfiber,wood, aluminum.

Shock pump

$30 RockShox High-Pressure Shock Pump (300 psi max)
Must have for air shocks

a good multitool. . . I love my trek big brother multitool with chainbreaker, 3 spoke wrenches, 8 allens, and 2 screwdrivers. But I can't find a link for it. Wow, it's 15 years old.

And of course, you're not a pro if you haven't used a 'persuader' :shock:


Automotive and hardware stores are your friend. Locktight red and blue, die electric grease, etc etc. Grade 8 bolts, spring assortments (ANY assortments!). Assorted innertube rubber and vinyl,urethane,rubber hoses from my parts basket were also helpful.
Even fabric stores for grommets, snaps, buckles, velcro. ('sew on' velcro has been super useful.)
Some basic knowledge to understand the core differences and how to manipulate basic materials like steel, aluminum, rubber, plastics, fiberglass, carbonfiber, leather, cordora, etc is pretty easy to come by. I have alot of different base 'material' at hand, so not alot of that was purchased, but most of that can be found or bought and repurposed. Here's a few of the specific items that I've bought for the project and can back.

$2 50 Pcs Gel Splice UY Connector 2 Port Wire Connectors Yellow

$28 Kester 44 Rosin Core Solder 60/40 .031 1 lb. Spool
I plan to have this for a lifetime. Very fine for pcb's, or I quad or 8xtwist for big things like 5.5mm bullets, which I use a torch for instead of solder iron.

$9 SummitLink 328 Pcs Assorted Heat Shrink Tube 5 Colors 8 Sizes Tubing Wrap Sleeve Set Combo
Great assortment to start with. I love heatshrink.
$5 10mm Black Polyolefin Insulation Heat Shrink Tubing 3 Meters 9.8ft
This stuff is about the diameter of a standard 110v cord when shrunk. Heavier stuff than the assortment

Bullets 5.5
$5 Neewer® 20 Pairs 5.5MM Gold Plated Bullet Banana Plug Connectors
Great value and high amps. They match the turnigy lipo I used too.

$27 UHMW Sheet 1/2" x 4" x 48" By Peachtree Woodworking
I've used it in the past, and it's really handy. Great for sliding and high compression applications.
A regular old polyethylene cutting board is pretty good too, but isn't as dense or tool-able.


Battery bag or storage
2x $12/pc Cycling Bike Bicycle Handlebar Bar Basket Bag by roswheel
Modded these for pannier top frame style splittable 20s 11.6ah battery bags.
$15 ArcEnCiel (TM) Bicycle Frame Pannier Bag and Front Tube Cell Phone Bag with Mobile Phone Pouch 5.5 inch Mobile iPhone 6 ,6 Plus Samsung S3 S4
Each side can just fit up to 10s 5.8ah lipo and some reinforce/protection. I've used it as for my halfpack while waiting to build the whole thing.

Fuse holder and fuses 80a
$5 IMC Audio 80 Amp Inline AGU Fuse Holder Fits 4 8 10 Gauge Wire
Didn't even use this yet, I don't really know where it would do the most good actually

Battery wire
$15 10 Gauge Silicone Wire 10 Feet - 10 AWG Silicone Wire
Nice fine strand flexible power wire. Of course jumper cable wire could work too.

Balance connectors
$8 10 pair jst xh 7 pin connectors for 6S lipo battery balance plug
Very nice to fix lipo balance plugs when you parallel them after forgetting that the mains are still in series lol.

Balance wires
$2/pc 12" 6S JST-XH balance extension cable
The best silicone wire balance extentions, or solder them and eliminate the originals altogether. Take no chances for reading and balancing cell levels.

Hobby king lipo about 400$. Turnigy 5.8ah 25c/1c for me!
10lb Pack configurable up to 20s 2p (84v 11.6ah) Or about 48v and 17ah.
Can run half pack 20s If I'm not too heavy on the +70a full draw, the 20s 25c stays cool.

$150 bmsbattery alloy shell 900watt (somewhat more portable)
$120 3x meanwell hrp from teslanv for faster more relaible charge. Configurable from 24-84v @14a
$200 balance charger: Icharger 106b powered by gophert 0-32v 0-10a bench powersupply

Lol, I just realized I've spent as much on chargers as the lipo!
You could choose just one of these of course, but there are many considerations including where you charge, transporting chargers and bms's for the most convenient setup for u. I expect at least 2 of my three to last until I'm old-and-gray, or knock on wood, the lipo gods call me home muahahaha!


Xt wheels
$130 Sun Rhyno Lite Set MTB, Sun Rhyno Lite Black 26 x 1.75", Shimano Deore XT 8/9
Very decent disc double wall rims with hubs. Holding up well.

$5 Zefal Bicycle Rim Tape (17mm)
Very reusable when pulling off to replace spokes or redish or true wheels. Reminds me of medical tape.

$12 Slime 10009 Tubeless Tire Sealant - 32 oz.
Great for any tube or tubeless tire. I added some to my slime tubes too. 32oz is alot, you can use it for your car!

$10 Slime 26" SV Thorn Resistant Thick Smart tube
If you haven't used these, I don't know where you've been! Actually I'm just now trying them, and they live up to the hype. Where have these ultra thick tubes been all my life? And yes, I drilled my rims for schrader valves. Presta is a pita.
Possibly a tubeless setup is better, but I tried it, and the tires never quit sweatin slime. Maybe with different tires, but the fact remains it's nice to have a tube between the slime and everything else when you want to remove and reseat a tyre or patch a big hole.

$20 rear Kenda K816 Aggressive MTB Wire Bead
$20 front Kenda K850 Aggressive MTB Wire Bead
Very decent tires, and I don't want to spend much more than this when I can get 10x the rubber in a dot mx/mped shinko for 30$.
I am looking for a harder compound for the rear for longevity, but hate to loose any of the phenomenal traction.

Rear air shock
$80 DNM Mountain Bike Air Rear Shock With Lockout 165 170 or 190mm
Very nice upgrade for a lighter setup. They have dh stuff too. (zombiess is selling a killer tripcrown front setup. .)

Mech disc brakes
$50 SainStyle NV-5 G3 Mechanical Bike Disc Brake Front+Rear Disc 160mm
nice upgrade for an older vbrake setup. The only thing I don't miss about vbrakes is just muddy/wet rims! But these are probably good as any 160mm mech disc setup.

Bike light
$10 Super Power Motorcycle Car E-bike 20W 12V-85V CREE LED Headlight Headlamp Bulb
Easy to work a ca power plug. I'm looking for a nice swich for it, but great freakin light for $10

$24 SKS Velo 65 MTB Snap-On Bicycle Fenders - Pair
reasonable price and decent design. I did some modifications and installed front in rear and visa versa

Tube/bar clamp
$5 Outtag (Fix Ring Dia 0.8'' x 1.1'') Bike Bicycle Cycling Metal Water Bottle Cage Grip Bracket Handlebar Holder. Pretty damn solid. Nice for tubular mounting, try some innertube within to really tighten it up.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/281294629865?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AITbrake sensor
$25 24-36-48V-E-BIKE-Motor-Cut-off-brake-Sensor-Universal-fits-ALL-easy-install
Nice hbws for easy ebrakes without using specific brake levers or making reed switches. Don't run pack voltage through them tho.

$92 SJCAM Original SJ4000 WiFi Action Camera 12MP
Best budget cam with plenty of mounting options. Make sure you get the authentic SJCAM, the others are really bad. Next step up is sony for double the price and size.
$7 SHINEDA® Adjustable Chest Harness Mount with J Hook Mount for GoPro Hero


BHT motor. He has bt controllers and kits too. I don't know where the description went for 96v 7kw? AHEM SELLER WHAT"S GOIN ON HERE?

$180 18fet 4110 infineon programable
Nice controller. Runs 75a max and doesn't get warm. Em3 lives up to all expectations!

Chain guide roller
$12 MRP System 1,2,3/LRP Replacement Roller Kit
Nice urethane double bearing roller for bike chain. A little wide with the double bearing, but it works with my setup.

Derailleur hanger
$5 M-Wave Bicycle Rear Derailleur Hanger (Chrome)
Steel to weld onto steel dropout. way easier than making one. Unless you have a machine shop, don't even bother trying to make your own when this is 5$

#35 chain pulley
$10 Generic 49cc To 80cc Motorised Bicycle Motorized Bike Pulley Chain Tensioner
Good single bearing pulley for tensioning wide motor chain. #35 fits, as should #40. I wrapped some innertube around it to aid chain grip, and it looks like it will outlast my back tire lol.
I sprung tensioned a custom bracket on motor chain return and used the included mount to position bike chain pulley.
Replacement pulleys&bearings 2 for 10$. But you'll want at least the bolt from above kit too.

Motor Sprocket
$12 Martin Roller Chain Sprocket, Bored-to-Size, Type B Hub, Single Strand, 35 Chain Size, 0.375" Pitch, 11 Teeth, 0.625" Bore Dia
Worked well for installing on thicker diameter part of bht shaft. I cut off the setscrew portion, slightly enlarged id, and welded it to the shaft.

$13 Koch 7435100 Roller Chain, #35, 10 Feet
Double what's needed for one time. Chain and sprockets cheaper and stronger than #219 for motor rpms under 2500 or so.

Dual freewheel hub parts

Freewheel hub
I used this for the main component/ start of dual fw adapter
Originally it had a solid axle that accomodates 142mm d/o, seller has changed the product possibly.
I also used a spare freehub body and cassette for some gears, spacers, bearings, nuts, washers, and the female freehub cog.

Male cog
$10 10 Tooth 10mm Dual D-Bore Sprocket for 8mm Chain
Bought for somethin else, but works nicely to make a male freehub cog.
-ELECTRICSCOOTERPARTS have alot of reasonbly priced things. I'm using a throttle, some jst's, and a keyswitch.

Hd fw
$90 Heavy duty front freewheel made exclusively for Sick Bike Parts by White Industries.
Veerry Niiiiiiiiiiiiice- Borat

Rear sprocket aluminum
$25-45 #35 blanks in 1tooth increments
Holding up well, and worth the extra money for the lower weight vs steel imo.

9 speed cassette
$31 Shimano Cassette Sprocket 9-Speed CS-HG300-9 - 12/36T
So far, I just used the 36t cog from this. It's hella lower than the 30t I was using though.

Bottom bracket

The guy is great to deal with and has alot of nice products stateside.
This bb is jis and you can shorten as you want. It was necessary to widen pedal stance by about 1.25" for fitment of the directdrive motor low in the swingarm.

My build has the latest of my limited ebikin experience and pictures.
Surprised on such enormous stuff list, and a none single Aliexpress link one :D

The Universal cut off brake sensor is something new for me, very interesting.

Do you recommend steel to steel welding with classical cheap inverter welding machines?
Haha, actually I did just pop my 'aliexpress' cherry this past week. Ordered the gophert supply cwah started a thread about, and it's probably going to beat the bmsb charger to delivery even minus the 10 day headstart.

Aliexpress seems okay, but I do prefer amazon in the states over anything else. I'll add some info when I receive it.

I've had a 130amp 110v mig for years, and have never used gas shielding for steel. Just flux cored wire, so essentially it's like arc (stick) welding with 'point and shoot'. Works fine, but a little more spatter than mig. Sure, stick/arc works, although it's tougher to not burn through really thin stuff I think.

A gas capable mig does come in handy over an arc welder for the aluminum spool gun if you want to dabble in aluminum,
but I've seen some extreme craftsmanship for aluminum with brazing. . .
Have to agree on the persuader! I have a set of rubber mallets that go all the way up to 'BFH' size for past motorsports project. They get quite a bit more use on the bicycles than most would guess. By far the easiest way to coerce an axle out of tight dropouts or to set a bearing race on a new steering tube with a piece of PVC pipe.
I'm a beginner and building my first ebike project.

Found this list of parts and comments very educational.

Thanks sharing.
I am currently looking for a "value" shock, that can handle my fat ass 300 pounds.
Not looking for downhill type shocks, as I never been into that in all my years of riding.
At most I do a tame ride down a ski slope, black diamond run. I prefer to lean back and sit on the rack and skid my rear tire type of riding. No major hurls off cliffs/rocks/jumps.

Would this shock fit my bill?

Your link is bad, but I copied and pasted DNM to 190mm in the search.
Rear air shock
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00R5O ... UTF8&psc=1
$80 DNM Mountain Bike Air Rear Shock With Lockout 165 170 or 190mm
Very nice upgrade for a lighter setup. They have dh stuff too. (zombiess is selling a killer tripcrown front setup. .)
"trip-crown" : oops I guess I meant triple clamp, or double crown.

A 300lb rider is alot, especially when hitting any type of downhill action (ski slopes are 'downhill' :D )

I'd read thru the 100 reviews and 100 answered questions, and there's also a search function to narrow down posts for 'weight' etc etc. (I'm amazed ebay has nothing comparable for the potential buyer.)

And if there's any doubt (depending on what bike this is going on for matching specs/ability), I'd prob go with something heavier/sprung. Dnm does have a sprung rear too.