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TSDZ2B tongsheng VLCD5 remove/limit hidden menu


1 µW
Sep 17, 2023

I want to buy the pswpower tsdz2b 36V 250W. Is it possible to remove/limit the hidden VLCD5 menu using OSF/Emmebrusa? I want to make it road legal in Germany, having the possibility to increase the Speed using the max speed or wheel circumference over 25 km/h is not allowed.
The hidden menu is still there with the OSF/embrusa. but if the men with the peaked hats know about it, that's fine. You can keep a 25 km/hour limit in the hidden menu to show them, and configure the OSF to ignore it, and use the speed limit that you set in the firmware configuration tool.

You can also program a street mode with lower power and a low speed limit. You can enable it instantly with two pushes on the VLDC5 "light" button if you have to pass a on-the-street functional test.

Nonetheless, a 36V TSDZ2 is not going to run that fast. You might be disappointed if you want to go 40 km/hour unless you're a fit cyclist.