Turn Signals

Unfortunately, it seems like an increased voltage doesn't solve the problem: it actually increases the frequency of the cycling.
I looked up a specifications sheet for the flasher relay also
LED Flasher Unit CF13JL-02

Technical Characteristics
Nominal Voltage
Operating Voltage
Switch Current
0.02A - 20A
Max. Current
Flashing Frequency
90 times per min
Operating Temperature
-40°C to +80°C
Life Time
200 working hours
and it seems like I might have a defective unit. Hmm.
I'd also test the dc-dc for voltage and current spikes.
Easy to do with an o-scope. With only a VOM you'd measure the "AC" voltage for a guesstimate.
potatorage said:
90 times per min
Well, that's 1.5 times per second. Is it flashing faster than that?

Personally I prefer ones that are more like 0.5-1hz max, so they take a second or two to blink. Faster than that and I sometimes get dizzy if I can see them flash (reflections offf otehr things at night) while I'm moving.

I can see how a faster flash rate would be helpful to draw attention though, as this article demonstrates:

I might consider going up to a higher frequency.
It actually flashes several hundred times per minute, Sometimes so quickly that it seems like it is continuously on. If you ever had the hyper flashing problem with your turn signals the relay I have is even worse .
Kingfish said:

Parts List:

It's been a while since I've been using this assembly and I must register one constant irritant and that is the choice of using the Turn Signal Blinker listed above. The problem is that once fastened, the assembly can accept modest shock, like a bump or slight collision, and it's flexible enough to take that sort of mild abuse. Although with more deflection - one of two events occurs: The fastener pulls out completely - making the unit unusable, or the quick-release breaks free - but that too reduces viability cos it will now continue to pop off much more frequently, portending replacement.

I have replaced both sides at least three times now and I am getting quite tired of doing so. I'm on the hunt... if you use a part that works in the same manner and is rugged, please tell us about it. Something more fixed, not rubbery.

Looking for alternatives, KF
Motorcycle parts I've used so far are either totally rigid metal or plastic with the bolt running all the way to the light housing, or they have the bolt in a thick bigger-around-than-my-thumb rubber block, whcih is itself bolted or otherwise attached to the light housing, so that it doesn't either break off or rip a hole in your fairing/etc when the lights clip something or you lay it down, or someone hits it with their car or themselves in a parking lot.

Worst I've done so far is bend the rubber section's internal structure enough to cause one to sag permanently, but I coujld probably bend it back if I cared.

I don't know what brand/etc they are, though. I think one set, presently on Delta Tripper, came off a Honda motorcycle of some type, but I am not certain.

Go into an actual motorcycle gear or accessories shop local to you and physically look at what they have--I am sure they carry heavier-duty stuff. If not, they may have the old ones taken off of people's upgraded bikes in a bin in the back for cheap (or free if they like your project!).
Greetings –
I found a reasonable replacement that is similar in appearance, yet has a sturdy post attached to an aluminum body; no flexible connection. From Amazon:

Relative to the indicators they are replacing, the packaging looks like this:


What I've been running on the left, and the replacement on the right.

Obviously a bit smaller, and they weight a few grams more with the metal housing.


Side-by-side the size is more dramatic, yet my hope is that they will not suffer from the same fate as the flexible fatty. I mounted them up on the rear this afternoon when I swapped out the old kludged rear fender with a nice new Electra Townie Black Plastic Balloon Fender (another story perhaps).

They are as bright as before. I still need to do the front set; maybe I’ll get to it tomorrow.

Indicated, KF
Finished the front. New indicators all around now. Here's a pic from the rear (also showing off the new rear fender):


Sorry for the blurriness; I had to be very quick to capture this.

Slightly smaller and more discreet. At least that part is done.

Time will tell if they survive.
Back on the road, KF
I've just received these. 4 turn signal indicators plus a flasher unit for $15. I'm hoping that all I need is a three-position switch and a battery. I have a 3 x 18650 cell pack that I use for my lights that I'll use: