VESC STR-500 100V 500A Launched


1 mW
Jan 26, 2023
I just came across it, I think it was shared today or these days. The values are enormous! What are you thinking? I would love to see the mosfet control section:)

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Plus the trampa has some nice little detail features.
I have 1 on order.
I think the 30S 3shul use fet's with higher source to drain resistance, thus more internal heating.
Interested in this controller as well. It's a little light on the voltage for my application but it seems very well thought out. This or Tronics larger controller whenever it gets released. 3Shul just seems a little slap and dash for my liking.
on a display
I've used the previous generation of their devices (The "metr") and, from a data logging/analytics perspective it's absolutely, hands down, the king of the hill by MILES compared to anything else I've had exposure to. It's also really good for on-the-fly adjustment of literally any setting the VESC offers. Adding a nice display is really just icing on the cake, imo.

You can certainly get the Minnie and use it headless or with a cheap Andriod mounted permanently, but I like the idea of a more permanent "part of the bike" feel of the dedicate display.