Winora Radius - Yamaha PW mid drive with CA and custom controller


100 µW
Mar 31, 2022
Hi all,

I have a 2018 Winora Radius Tour, bike is oem equiped with a 250w euro compliant Yamaha pw motor capable of 70nm, very decent and capable motor, and the overhall quality of the bike and motor is very good, german and japanese is a great combo.
Now a few problems that made want to go the custom diy way, the battery is a yamaha with inbuilt bms that is tied to the motor controller via serial connection, this means a custom diy battery wont work, there and some solutions to use a custom dongle to emulate the serial signal so the bms and controller turn on (example: but they are workarounds and with some limitations, then there is the absence of throttle, being a eu law abiding bike there is not throttle, and since i use the throttle all the time in my bbshd diy build i miss it a lot in the winora, then the controller being a closed platform with no possible customization, all errors require dealer diagnosis if its not possible to reset the error using the service manual procedure, and yamaha bike dealers rip you off in any maintenance, and lastly the 25kmh limit wich is a pia, there are several systems to bypass this limit but they cost 100usd or more and that alone is almost enough for a Cycle analyst, is frustating as hell going uphill just fine building momentum pedalling then the 25kmh limit shuts down the motor, this is by far the thing i hate the most in this motor/controller :( , specially since i have a bbshd powered bike doing 50kmh+

So i want to go the Cycle Analyst Stand alone shunt way with a KT controller ( I wanted a phaserunner but they are out of stock until almost 2023 due to worldwide chips shortage), this will allow me to keep the torque sensor pas from the Yamaha motor, but control the settings i want available in the CA, a big plus is to use my custom built batteries, since a original 36v 13,6ah 500wh battery is 600usd or more (huge rippoff).

I will be posting new info and pics as the builds goes, then post results, currently waiting for the CA, i'm located in europe and grin products are hard to get here.

Ok, so a long time has passed, i'm currently wating for the phaserunner to be available, latest update from Grin states they will have it back on stock from 15 november, fingers crossed, i've waited a looong time to get this bike back on the road, fortunately i have other ebikes and two escooter to use.