3 battery wires TSDZ2


100 µW
Apr 29, 2020
Hi, this may be an obvious question but I'm new to this.

I've purchased a battery for my tsdz2 but the connector has 3 wires, green white and black (top in pic) and the input for tsdz2 has two wires, red and black.

What's the third wire for and what should I be joining to what? I could try it and see but don't want to blow myself up!

Update, I borrowed a multimeter from a friend and found green = black and white = red.

Still no idea about the extra black cable though, maybe someone can advise.
Without knowing anything about the battery, we can't really help with the wiring.

You'd need to post at least the link to the place it was purchased, so we can see if any info they have points to what it might be.

What it *looks* like, based on the wire colors, is that they simply repurposed AC cord 3-conductor-cable wiring (maybe had a spool laying around?) instead of using standard two-conductor DC cord wiring, and then just randomly chose two of the wires to connect. (in an AC cord, green would be safety ground, white would be neutral, and black would be hot.)

So the third one probably does nothing.

To be absolutely sure, you'd have to open the battery up to see what it connects to...but if it all works like you have it, I wouldn't worry about it.