Activate walk assist on an ASIBac500


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Aug 2, 2017
Can someone give me a hint. I'm struggeling with an old ASIBac500 (firmware version 5.5190). I want to drive it with a simple analogue LED Display, using the "jog" mode (register 210 Assist mode source =1).
Register 138 let you choose the input for the walk mode, but I don't know, if my firmware version supports this register.
Walk mode signal source 0=cruise, 1=pfs, 2=brake 1, 3=brake 2, 4=serial(display) 138
I've activated bit 11 for enabling walk assist, but all I tried doesn't work :(


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I don't know specifically how to do what you want to do (yet), but I have to thank you for your question, because looking for an answer led me accidentally to a function I needed for my Phaserunner v1 / v6 explorations and troubleshooting. :)

I'm sure the specifics of the Phaserunner don't apply directly to the BAC500, but since the PR is direclty based on the BAC series, then if it is useful, the linked thread shows how to access the list of functions/addresses in the PR setup software (whether or not anything is connected to it), so the list might be useful to you.

There are some addresses that may directly relate, but I don't know which bits need to be set to what values for your specific firmware. This screenshot shows the ones with Walk in them, for instance:

Also, I have found various posts here and there on this forum and elsewhere that indicate you should be very careful with setting any bits in any addresses unless you are certain that they apply to your specific firmware and hardware, or you can brick your controller. (some of the subsequent posts indicate it might be possible to unbrick if you then use the correct dictionary and settings for that specific firwmare to reset the controller...but I didn't see any confirmations that this actually worked).

While I'm here, do you have a link to any of the "object dictionary" explanation manuals, like the one you've screenshotted? I have tried to locate such documentation anywhere on the internet for weeks, since Grin doesn't provide this for the PR (and ASI doesn't provide it except perhaps to end-users/OEMs that purchased directly from them), but haven't found anything other than threads like this one that have random tiny tidbits of info, and not many of those, and not much info per thread.
While I'm here, do you have a link to any of the "object dictionary" explanation manuals
Hm, these documents were available some time ago, but the link doesn't work any more:

But there are several XML files that contain the same information as the official documents...

The risk to brick is low, as the changes are set at runtime first. They are only stored to the flash, if you send the specific command to the controller.
So a restart of the controller brings you back to your last save settings.

Thanks--I tried to see if had a version of the linked pages from that thread, but no...they have others but not that one. :/

AFAICT the ASI page still exists, but like everything else requires you to first login to access it--direct links to them don't work.

It's so difficult to find useful documentation for commercially-produced advanced controllers like these, making it impractical or even impossible in some cases to fully utilize their functionality when customizing a system based on them. :/ (or to help people that need to do this sort of thing).