Conversion Honda motorcycle to electric 96v - 8000w hubmotor - 6.3kWh

tylerwatts said:
Hi bjork
I understand your concept, similar to motorcycle front axles. I'll try sketch it.

Modified original sketch as a guide, adapt to suit your motor/swingarm. Remember if you recess the nuts, make it big enough for a socket to turn the nut, mustn't be tightened a lot as bjork said, just hold axle in lace before tightening the end caps.
Bore for axle and flats should be as wide as practical and slightly interference fit so the cap firmly clamps and locks the axle in place.



Yes, this is about what I mean. Only difference is I would like some material on the outside of the clamp, around the axle. That will still keep the wheel in place if you manage to brake the clamping bolts or something.
I don't know if it is really needed, it is more of a "gut feeling". It would be very bad if the wheel came off. But it would also make it harder to remove the wheel, and harder to make the dropouts.

I am totally with you that it should defiantly clamp on the bigger part of the axle, that is the most important part.