Correct amp fuses


1 µW
Feb 14, 2024
Hi everyone,
I have a eagle E100 electric scooter it runs a 500w motor and 48v battery but on the volt meter it's a steady 56v once charged and I've checked over numerous charges and 56v is it's normal it should use 10ah-13ah.
There are no fuses on scooter I want fit fuse in the power line to battery but am not sure what fuse to use can anyone advise on the best rating.
To know what fuse to fit, you need to know what the things you're trying to protect are rated for, in amps.

Which specific parts are you trying to protect against overcurrent? (this determines where to put the fuse)

How much current can they handle? (the fuse can't be rated any higher than this)

How much current must they handle, minimum, under maximum load in your specific riding conditions? (the fuse can't be rated any lower than this)

(also I moved your thread to standup scooters/eskateboards, since it isn't about a scooter or motorcycle build thread thing, but a scooter electrical thing).
How big are the wires for the system battery leads? How many amps is the system?