Dental DIY- Tooth repair -piece broke off

Adabatage plans scared me off. Any catastrophic health issues can quickly drain the account and lead to astronomical bills. Cool if one is positive he'll not have any wild rides, but one stroke, cancer on any level, and the advantage plans leave the house to the state welfare dept. IMO the only advantage to the advantage plan is those in good health and profits for the insurer. They're not magnanimous entities.
Medicare Advantage is a scam right-wing politicians enacted to partially privatize Medicare on the path toward completely privatizing Medicare out of existence. Advantage plans are not regulated like Medicare plans. Advantage plans deny authorizations and payments at alarming rates... something real Medicare plans don't/can't do(not to say it never happens but it is near always due to an obvious mistake made by the Dr or the patient.
Well In my middle 70's long term care is a distinct possibility. Cancer can wipe out all savings in a blink.

I went from early retirement to back to the hustle because my bestie got cancer. Someone had to pick up the tab, his family are lovely people but not wealthy, so far so good round 18 of chemo just started and I have kept the beast fed... just barely..

Best of luck brother, If there is ought I can do let me know, I ain't good for much, but the things I am good at are at your disposal.