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Electric Motoped For Sale


100 W
Jan 10, 2019
Hate to sell one of my most favorite builds, This is my motoped thats been converted to electric. It weighs about 170lbs fully assembled with batteries, and can push over 30kw. This will be sold as a rolling chassis with everything except the batteries, and controller. If you would like to get the controller as well, its an additional $1100. The bike is similar in size to a crf150, but way more powerful at a lighter weight. It is equipped with the qs138 70h motor and bac8000. We were able to fit a 5kw+ battery in the battery box which was easily capable of 40hp. The motoped is a bike similar to a sur ron but far more capable and durable, with a steel frame and unique jackshaft assembly. Some of the parts on it are Marzocchi triple 8 front forks, Dnm rear shock and TRD quadiem brake calipers. Uses a crf50 seat and plastics, but personally think its to small and have a crf125f seat and plastics that would fit this a lot better. This bike still has a lot of potential for upgrades and customization. My loss is your gain. This bike is located in North Jersey, can either pick it up or i can disassemble it and ship it in several boxes, but price of shipping will not be included. Alot of additional details i wont be able to write in this description due to the length so feel free to ask me anything.

Price $200020220114_150647.jpg20220114_150655.jpg20220114_150701.jpg20220114_150707.jpg20220114_150713.jpg20220114_150844.jpg20220114_150849.jpg20220114_150855.jpg20220114_150921.jpg20220114_150931.jpg