Need Help with my Motorino XMR


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Feb 10, 2024
Hi, hoping someone can help me with my bike, I'm growing frustrated with the lack of information Motorino supplies for their bikes and for this reason I do not recommend ever buying any of there products.

Anyways, my bike got stolen quite a while ago this would be the third bike I've owned and had stolen, but luckily I was able to retrieve my bike back, but unfortunately the ignition was tampered with including the seat etc. I have yet to purchase replacement parts and plan on doing so soon after I figure out how to fix it. I connect the two wires that allow my bike to turn on, the bike turns on lights work, horn works, Bluetooth works, but nothing happens when i turn the throttle no movement. on the controller it blinks 3 different numbers, thankfully I was able to find information from motorino what each blinking code means however I cannot seem to find online how to resolve those issues which is super strange and irritating.

1.) Blinks 14 times the controller website says " (handlebar protection) - controller handlebar failure "

2.) Blinks 9 times the controller website says "( break status) - the controller is in breaking mode"

3.) Blinks 1 time the controller website says "(over-voltage protection) - the battery voltage is higher then the system setting value.

I'm assuming the handbar protection failure is the throttle as there is no code for throttle on the page other then the handlebar.
I question if when my bike was stolen and the ignition was removed if this caused any damage to anything I'm not sure how the alarm was also cut one blue wire.

I have a wuxi Lingbo controller LBMC072122HK3A if anyone could help me please it would be greatly appreciated.
"breaking" mode probably means "braking" mode, which probably means the brake lever switches are stuck on or the wiring is damaged. If they are Normally Open switches, then that means the wires are broken. If they're Normally Closed, it means the wires are shorted.

"handlebar failure" probably means throttle, and that's most likely broken wires, but could be shorted to something else. If the key was on the throttle unit, it's possible that when they stole it they shorted the battery-voltage key wires to the throttle wires, which could have damaged the throttle and/or the controller itself. Does the throttle signal wire change voltage when moving the throttle, and if so, from what to what over it's full range of motion? (measured with voltmeter black to throttle ground or battery negative, which should be the same thing).

OVP would mean the battery is the wrong one or has been overcharged, or the controller itself is damaged in a way that prevents it from correctly reading the battery voltage. What voltage is it now, and what is it supposed to be?