Phoenix Ebike Promotions

Chuck one/two or more in the case? (Sorry again, meant to say box.)

More stuff/info about these tasty audiophile-quality speakers:

Shipping Weight: 0.6500 pound(s)!


Maybe $25-40 currently.

(Some units may appear slightly used.)

... if they work at all, I mean.
See below re Hainan Island Print Sky Blue Leggings for the Ebiker Pirate et al (from China.)

(Local government has recently announced regulations limiting the use of motorbikes and encouraging the registration of e-bikes. Sorta like watt that other place will do.)

In concerted efforts to kill off use of the "Stinkpot" (TM) for personal use etc in urban areas.

Anyway. Above leggings very "hot" (on grrrls too!) in some certain Ebiker Pirate/Rebel hangouts.

(Hey. Don't shoot the messenger. It's just what I heard? Scuttlebutt, you know.)

Say about $30 a pair.

So, chuck a pair or two in box for ya (and boss lady too)?
This 12 Volt High Temperature glue gun is great for projects on the go, and plugs into all common 12 Volt DC ebike kit power outlets.

This 12 Volt glue gun is widely used in the paintless dent repair industry, ebike and stereo applications, and more. The power cord plugs right in to wherEVer.

This glue gun is also a favorite for hobbyists, and for anyone that has a project that just can't wait. Great for repairs on RC cars, boats, model planes, rockets and ebike bits.

- 12 Volt Glue Gun
- Equivalent to a 40 Watts
- Accepts 7/16" diameter glue sticks
- High Temp. 380 F

... about $20.

Tick off one or more?
106 dB Single Trumpet Stainless Horn (12 Volt, made for boats operators):

... about $50.00

(Installed on ebike... somewhere, sure to impress land-lubbers.)

... and angry car horn users.

Highly recommended maybe.

Tick one (or more) off to chuck in basket?
Handy-Dandy (TM) 12 volt ceramic ebike heater, cooler?

Easy fitting, ideal for those frosty mornings or hot summer days as can be switched to blow cold air also!
• Heavy duty rubber case
• 12 volt
• 360° swivel base
• Adhesive base pad supplied
• Long fused lead with cigarette lighter socket plug

About $30 bucks. About.

(For gentleman, can avoid embarrassing "Tiny Pee Pee" syndrome, not often associated with large Ebiker Rebels.)

... their "naughty bits", I meant to say. (Some ebikers are quite "huge". Referring to overall size of body of course.)

Just tick off one in the box. (Package wrapping gives no hint of contents. Assuming yer cheque/payment clears before shipment of course.)
Stay warm while on the road with a stylish fleece travel blinkie!

Thermoelectric travel blanket plugs into ebike 12-volt power outlet and can be used at any time on the road. Auto temperature control maintains just the right temperature. The 28" x 59" blanket is the perfect size for use during travel.

Plush, navy-colored polar fleece material. Weight only 1.95 lbs!

(Caution, researcher found NOT beer-proof, but has recovered.)

Maybe $20-25 buckaroonies each.

Yes? (Tick off quantity to drop into box/basket please.)
Amorphous Solar Panel:

... maybe about $15-20 bucks each.

(33 of 33(100%) Ebiker Rebels would recommend this product to a friend.)

Ship Weight 1.9 lbs
Watts 2.5
Temperature Range ( °F) -40–176
Dimensions L x W x H (in.) 19 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 1 1/2

Just tick off one (or indicate 2+) ta chuck in the basket.
The Koolatron 12-volt grill also saves you money by not stopping on truck stops for a hamburger -- because you can make one yourself!

...about $50 bux. So, chuck one or more in the basket?
This is merely spam. You have an ability to hijack forums for your own personal gain.
Woah... this items maybe "spendy", at about $130 or so...

Seen on the sellers web site:
This lightweight, ultra rugged, ergonomic handheld Larson Electronics spotlight with magnetic base operates on 12 volts or 24 volts DC and can be used as a spot or flood light. This Larson Electronics spotlight ships with a 16 foot coil cord with cigarette plug and long life 100 Watt bulb. The 3.25 inch diameter, 100 pound grip, tilting and swiveling magnetic base sticks to any steel surface. The unique reflector and lens configuration produces a 900 foot beam in spotlight mode, making it approximately 5 million retail candlepower rating. Backed by a 3 year warranty,

our new Larson Electronics handheld spotlight is ideal for work, security and hunting and spotting.

So, chuck one in the box? (Loser Boy may pick two.)
Posted on another forum, so thought some might like to chuck one/two in the box...

Motion Detector Alarm (usually for travellers bags or luggage):

... about $20-30.

Sudden motion will cause the portable motion alarm to give an audible warning beep (100 decibels). If the vibration stops within 3 seconds the portable motion alarm does not go off, if the motion continues, the alarm blares for 20 seconds until the bike or the alarm is placed in a fixed position again.

(Keypad with 4 buttons used for arming and disarming - your own code of choice.)

So, triggered by any sensitive back-forth vibration – even the slightest tap. According to one theory, better to catch a thief than to deter one.
CO2 tire inflator anybuddy?

About $35 Cdn bucks each.
Ya know... the stylish ebiker might wear leggings for warmth? (And grrrls might like `em also!):

Maybe about $10 for a pair of two.

(Indicate number of pairs in the box err box.)
Sooo... Misty Mountain® 4 Layer Workmans Beanie Hats (keep your head warm with 4 layers of comfort) One size fits most folks?


Tick off Q beside yes box.

About $10 each hat.
And/or Sou,wester hats.

Watt one shark friend calls "Yum Yum Yellow".

But aside, super visibility, especially in night, rain.

Maybe $25-30 bux each.

Tick off ### in box.
Ohhh... a bit "spendy" (currently about $220 bux a pair), but Gerbring 12 3G Heated Gloves (all leather construction features ergonomic finger design w/Tricot (tm) lining for flexibility, easily adjustable wrist cinch straps with velcro closure and wear resistant palms with full bone impact padding.)

Incorporates Microwire heating technology that uses micro-sized heating fibers to surround the hand with warmth.

Does plug into Handy-Dandy (TM) electric outlet (MAY still use "12V" voltages. For some reason). Somewhere on vehicle.

Highly recommended by some trapper dude.
Ohhh... and speaking of Gerbring... their "Firstgear" dual remote control "Heat-Troller" kit. (Includes: remote, receiver and battery harness. Receiver is thin, flat, waterproof, rubberized. Handles 15 amps at 13 volts, internal reset for overloads & shorts.)

About maybe CA $160-ish.


Were one to tick off that little box below/somewhere, I mean.

... also heard usefull to keep drink holders warm. Christmas lighting. Etc
Two Westinghouse Solar 3X High-Output LED Spot Lights to light up parking space, wherEVer?:

(Comes w/one 3.7V 250mah LiPo batt each light.)

For one pair, about $30.

(Or can be xfer power to vehicle via Handy-Dandy (TM) ciggy lighter plug in thingee.)

See also optional motion detector.
So, saw this Handy-Dandy Bike Alarm Lock for about $10 each. (Power supply 1 x 6F22 9V battery (NOT included), but also can run off etc etc. And Waterproof: attach permanently to your ebike without worrying about having to remove it in bad weather)


Tick off box. (Includes "ear-shattering shriek".)
Our premium silicone lube and Schwinn replacement brake pads.

...about $35 for two pads AND Handy-Dandy can of sillycone (sp?) "lube".

(Yer gonna need new brake pads EVentually.)

Just tick box for whole "kit".
So, this thread reminds me of my shirt-maker (Watt??? NEVer had a shirt to your own design???) Maybe think of this as a "bespoke" bike kit-in-basket.

So, orders aren't exactly "flooding in"? But how'm I doing so far? Enough tasty/fun/practical stuff yet to choose from (other than basics to convert the unGawdly, I mean)?

... `course I haven't set up an online store yet. (Or mustered those lazy, over-weight elves to get busy shopping - most items so far simple/from area retailers. Hehe)
Ohhh... Now I'm thinkin' 2012 Timbersled Mtn. Tamer Suspension, Ski-Doo XP-Summit ('08 & newer)

(`Bit "spendy" though at about one thou buckaroonies.)

Came up in another ES thread. Betcha denison of ES could "whip up" something waaaay less spendy (EG not built for those same "high" speeds and heavy vehicle and riders and gear and trailer - well, not TOO heavy. "Stuff").
For some, who may be tired of that "plastic ice bucket" look:

(Currently this Yakkay helmet about $145 Cdn.)

Hey. Gotta fill up that trunk/big box somehow.

Guaranteed not to spill drinks (So far).
Anybuddy? Pro-Line 600 V2 electric wireless boards? Anybuddy?

Watt CAN chuck in box... (drumroll) one Handy-Dandy attachment unit to connect board to "high-speed SUV"-sized baby stroller. Nanny/Mumsy/DDO/Big Sis or Bro and Baby will be THRILLED re local races. Etc.

Price TBA, but "ball park" one hundred bux.