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Feb 5, 2024
9thG'day,joined this week because I own a trike that is giving me grief and the mob that sold it to me are not interested in it any more. I have had the trike for twelve months and experience most issues I think EVs can dish up.
Right now I am seeking information about where I can purchase a new or suitable controller photo included and can anybody tell me why the three phase wires are splitting and does that mean the whole cable is compromised. I like the idea of plug and play replacements where possible because of my age and ability although I do have a reasonable grasp on electronics
You'll have to provide all the specific technical info about what you already have for us to help you find a matching replacement. If you have a list / invoice (with actual part numbers and brand names; we don't need prices/etc) of what the trike came with, and links to pages for any parts used to replace things so far, those may have the necessary info.

Also, details of exactly what has happened just before each of the problems, and of the problems themselves, may help us help you better.

Clear, focused, well-lit pictures of mechanical / physical issues may also help. If there are labels on parts, pics of those would be useful if you don't have a list / invoice of them.
Hello People, I have a Chinese (junk) no, trike 1200 watts 60 volt 20 Ah it is fitted d with a SJANEUHi Vector Sine Wave Controller Model SJH60V12G. I have little faith in this controller in fact I have managed to destroy one (picture included) and would like somebody to tell me if there is an alternative programmable controller I can replace it with. The reason is that is so abrupt at the start that you suffer whiplash (exaggerated and I find it quite unsafe to maneuver in confined areas. Any help or recommendations will be followed through as I am desperate to sort this out.


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Can anybody help me with the information of what controller I can replace this with. It is driving a 1200 watt motor via a 20 A/hour 60 volt battery pack.
I want to be able to have soft start capabilities as this current controller is very snappy at first throttle movement.
Right now I am seeking information about where I can purchase a new or suitable controller photo included and can anybody tell me why the three phase wires are splitting
I suggest taking it to a shop for repair. It’s difficult to diagnose what only you can see and a pic of the controller label falls far short of the information amberwolf described to facilitate good advice. The quality of advice here will be commensurate to the quality of information provided.
If you bring it to a shop, they can see the controller, the wiring and connectors and determine what functions the controller performs in order to find a compatible replacement. It also sounds like you have more issues than just the controller if you have phase wires splitting.
I appreciate your input, but here in Mandurah Western Australia there is very little support for electric transport like mine. I am so disappointed with this controller fitted and the company that sold me the trike has no interest in helping either by recommendation or kind. What I would like to do is just change out the controller but I need someone to point me in the right direction with a name and model that I can use. maybe this will work VOTOL EM50-4 48-72V 72300 Programmable Controller 2000W Electric Scooter Electric motorcycle QS motor controller. I am not a dummy and can work through most things so any advice and direction will help me get started.
You need to know what kind of motor you have. Mainly if it is 3 phase Ac (as the label "vector sine wave" points towards) or Dc.
3 phase Ac will have 3 bigger wires, Dc will have 2.
Then you need to know what kind of position sensors it has. Dc-probably none.
Ac, probably hall sensors. Most controllers handle those.
But you can also have encoder or resolver, then it will be harder to get a controller (but I think it is unlikely on cheap stuff)

Then there is the battery, does it need (or other stuff on the trike) communication with the controller to work?
If no, you can look at controllers like kelly, sabvoton, fardriver, votol etc. It seems to me like the votols can be tricky to setup nowadays, and fardrivers can have some problems with compatibility with their versions of apps and controllers.
But there are threads about them both on this forum.
J. Bjork, really appreciate your input, thanks. here is what have found out hopefully it will allow you to expand on your reply. The working voltage is 60 VDc under voltage is 52 VDc current limiter is 35 amps Brave level is High Level? The controller is a Vector sine wave controller. It definitely is a phase motor because when all this trouble started I found that the phase wires (3) all had the insulation split?. I had my son (Electrical Contractor) check the phase wires with a mega to make sure they were not compromised elsewhere. There are auxiliaries like lights and a powered USB port, and there is a voltage step-down device to accommodate these lower DC voltages. and I assume that the current to power this comes via the controller.
The motor itself I cannot identify except it is a 1200-watt BLDC motor.
The trike itself is ex-China manufactured and is distributed in Queensland by EMoS of Brisbane. They were initially helpful when I first took possession because it caught fire but since then they have not come to the party. I am happy just to get it up and running but with a smooth throttle application, as initially and still is, the throttle is severe and being ancient as I am, dangerous when trying to go slow. I would like to get a recommendation for a controller that will "do the job" as for installing it and making good the wiring if necessary I am more than capable of that.
I kind of thought I did give you recommendations for controllers that will "do the job", it is mostly a question about what programs you think you can handle to set them up, and make sure your vehicle is compatible.
Something like this should work for example I think:!EUR!€ 80,76!€ 64,61!!!85.59!68.47!@2103872a17111144678532322e15e1!12000035879893787!sh!SE!0!&spm=a2g0o.store_pc_allItems_or_groupList.new_all_items_2007447339028.1005006127673714