Speedict Ebike - Anybody seen/tried this?


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May 31, 2010
Found this on youtube but cant seem to find anything else about it, the address posted on the video isnt up.

I found that there is an android app and the Developerʼs website: http://www.raczing.com

I'm sure someone out there has better googling abilities than i, so post what you find.

Update: Just found this post on the forum using the same developer's web address. Looks to be the same device just repackaged. So can anyone find an update on the specs?



I also found the speedict site yesterday !

I'm wondering if it could replace the cycle analyst, i now have a turnigy watts up meter, that only can handle 60v.
The cycle analyst can handle also 100v ?

Edit : the speedict can handle 80v which is fine for a 18s lipo pack

With the speedict I could see al information wireless on my HTC desire phone 8)

Another cool thing is, I charge my 66,6v lipo pack in the garage in a metal container, but I still don't trust the lipo pack 100% while charging, with the speedict, I can sit in in the livingroom and monitor the charging voltages/amp from my HTC Phone :!:

Maybe the app which is in the Android market will allow us to set a Low or High voltage alarm with a sound or buzzing at our phone. So when I watch TV my phone will let me know if my pack enters the Max. Voltage !

After reading my own post, now I'm sure I must have one. I'll test it and post here what I think about it.
I still think the cycle analyst is a WAY better way to go. You can also get a high voltage cycle analyst and they display the information a lot better!

Essentially it's just an amp/volt meter with blue tooth connectivity?

The software seems cool, and hopefully it should be easy for ebikes.ca to implement it into the cycle analyst.
after download their manual and info from website ....

compare to turnigy watts up meter, the ebike can handle 80v and support speed sensor therefore i can display and log max speed, average speed, distance, odometer and compare with the logged mah watt such information i can get my battery health status … and logged graph / information can be upload to internet, i will (if i have one) upload every time after charge / discharge cycle, a few charge cycle i know my battery health information !
if i have android, i can get gps information logged pretty cool feature right ?
I just received the Speedict from HK to the Netherlands.

It works fine I think, it was just a quick test with a 12v car light, but it is working like I was expecting to.

It also displays the Mah OUT and Mah IN, so I think it will measure also the regenerative braking Amps that goes inside your batterypack, just like the Cycle Analist would do ?

All the graphics at the laptop is new to me, it also can show the google maps with all this information


Watch the video.
I saw that and think it's a super cool product, and I felt a tinge of envy as I am an iPhone user. Of course, that brought up another couple of bucks I wish I had never spent: I bought an iPhone holder for my handlebars at the LBS. I used it once, and here's why: I wear gloves. I'm a musician, and if I sand my fingers off, I'm up the creek. These bikes are way powerful enough to make a nod towards proper gear, so I think it makes sense. The CA can be operated perfectly while wearing the thin MX type gloves I feel are appropriate gear. I wasn't so afraid of having my phone on the bars, although it would make for an impressively excessively expensive crash, but that is the other reason why. I've personally watched my old bike go cartwheeling down a cul-de-sac, without me, bits of metal sparking away into the night as the bars and parts touched down on the pavement. The bike rode away from this (sans brake lever), and since I had the CA clocked down and out of the way a bit, it hit the ground and has been rashed a bit, but functions perfectly. I'm not sure I could say that the mount I had purchased would have either survived or not ejected the phone.

So, yah, while I love my smartphones and inter-bs, the CA has the form factor and the dedicated hardware stability and oh yah JUSTIN, thats probably the best reason. There is a strong case for remote monitoring of charging, thats a great point.
Today I did some more tests and charged a 6S Lipo with 30Amp, the Speedict doesn't get warm, I still like product.

But I have had several times " FORCED CLOSE " on my android, so the speedict program is terminated, but since it is a new product with new software I am sure this won't happen anymore in the futue, I hope.
And when I restart the speedict app on my android phone, all date continues, the speedict device itself records every data.

Also the slide through the menus is not my style, I prefer to see more data on the screen, my screen HTC DESIRE is big enough to show al data at one screen.

Also it would be great to set some kind of alarm at high voltage or low voltage for example I discharged a 6S 10AH Lipo with 5A in my garage, I was in the livingroom and watch from my chair the voltage and outgoing Mah. That's great but if we could set the alarm at 20.00 V or with a buzzer, or when riding your bike, and your phone will ring when you enter your given low voltage.

Let's hope speedict will update their app soon.
Today I have had contact with Speedict about the above things, in a reply he sent me an updated program for my Anroid Phone, and it doesn't crash anymore.
They also listen to the other things on my/our wishlist and he told me they are working on it. So the end user can select a ringtone and let ring/buzz at a given voltage. For example at a near empty or near full.

They also can put all data or the selected data you wish to one screen, so you don't have to slide anymore.

The above link is some data of one of my rides, the speedict software and apps are getting better by the day.

It is now also possible to calibrate the speedict Ebike with software that can be found under theire support section. I don't anything to do with the company but I can recommend this device to anyone that's looking for a alternative of the cycle analyst.
www.speedict.com the price is at there site, it is a very nice thing with an app for your phone that is getting better and better,
2 are possible, I have one set at my controller and one at my lipo pack, just ask for an extra temp sensor when making your order :D
This unit was recently suggested on my trip thread and I am doing a bit of follow-up with questions as I’ve been in conversation with Tech Support.

Restating my primary concern, the Voltage Limit is 80V. That is good because my battery pack operates at 63V. However – during Regen, I anticipate there will be voltage spikes in excess of 80V and this has me concerned.

The Device is connected inline between the Battery and Controller, or between the Battery and Charger. The rep suggested that some users have it connected to 100V battery systems, although he does not recommend it and reminds that it is out of spec.

It seems to me that if the device was not connected inline between Battery and Controller then the primary feature of current monitoring is defeated. The Controller (pair) that I will be using is the Lyen 12 x 4110 Extreme model, and I have set Regen/R12 mod to allow up to about 94V for maximum braking.

Has anyone using this device had issues with Regen voltage? Or, more importantly blown the unit? :?

Also - purely out of curiosity, what is the longest trip record stored by your Android? :)

Thanks, KF
100v worked fine for us, but I believe that the max voltage displayed is about 75v, I think it will measure and display the amps and also the watts correct as if it knows it is running at 100v but if you look at live view you will not see a higher voltage then 75v.

It also survived 100v 100a with the little 16 ? awg wires :D
Excellent! That is a relief :)

Bazaki, do I have it correct that you do not use the CA? And, on a related thought, how did you integrate the speed sensor, and was the setup easy?

Many thanks, KF
hey guys, i didn't realize the 75v ceiling problem, as for measuring accuracy we did stop measurement on 75v, now we changed the formula that make measurement extend to 100v and will release the firmware next week.
once again we do not recommend to feed voltage with more than 80v, but enjoy it.

i will spend time to visit here and make sure you guy will get support from us.

thank you Green Machine and Bazaki for you past support.


hi Green Machine, we are working on speed controller, featuring bluetooth, governor, dynamic regenerative and pas ... will release more information here, also we are working on governor board for eBike, however during the test we have found some lagging on speed regulation, so after speed controller project we will back on it ...
by the way, do you want additional temperature sensor ?