Was bound to happen?

I hope it wasn't a sex related thing.

But knowing the LAPD and cops in general...

Pardon? I only know of one cop that was as kinky as people can get, and when it got out, they put him in prison for using his access to information to look up "roleplay victims that he discussed kidnapping and raping, but never approached and never harmed." In other words, he didn't deserve to lose his job, pension, and sit in a cell for two years over it.

Cops are pretty vanilla, in my experience.

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These guys are crazy, but in a cool sort of way. Anyone build an electric one of these?
Scroll down for their Goat Canyon trestle episode. They do this all over yhe southwest.
Range could become an issue for getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, especially in the desert.
I've thought about rail bikes before. Hadn't thought so much of what riding on abandoned rail would be like.
Have you seen Ishikawa's thread?

or these
When you're riding a bike in Poland, beware of hunters. They're notorious for mistaking cyclists with boars, at least that's the common line of defense.
If it walks like a boar and quacks like a boar, and has two wheels - it must be a boar.
Might also have something to do with alcohol so common when celebrating a good hunt (especially when you give yourself a headstart in the anticipation of an inevitable success)
Went to a mob wedding there when I was in high school. I thought that was scary.