22T or larger single speed sprocket for ISO 44mm brake rotor mount

Aug 28, 2021
You can see what I am asking about here:

I have 16T sprockets from them, I need a 22T, 24T, 26T, or even 28T one to match, mounting to the brake rotor mount on the hub for 1/8" and/or 3/32" chain.

I have already used Problem Solvers sprockets - they work but the mounting is not precise, and the chain is not seating in the sprocket well. Counter-sinking the sprocket helped, but isn't very good.

Thanks in advance.
How about a 6 hole to 4 hole adapter then bolt on whatever sprocket you like
Anyone make one that you know of?

If not, I'm thinking I'm best having one made. One aspect is that the adapters mentioned show ISO bolt hole diameters of 5mm or 5.5mm!

5mm threads are about 4.85 - 4.9mm, so concentricity is already lost.