Electrified (vendor of ebike parts, Australia) - Has anyone used them?

Oct 19, 2014
Just wanting to know if anyone has feedback on this business, are they reputable, general experiences, etc if you have used them?

They seem to sell a decent range including being a re-seller of Grin, making me think they are OK... Just wondering if anyone has first hand experience.

Based in Melbourne, AUS
Based in Melbourne
I hear Melbourne is kind of dodgy...

A problem with 'winning' (switching to electric personal transport) - no history.

They do sell Grin Satiators, which are high-end and worth it for safety. I think that speaks well of them, but I have no personal experience.

This caught my eye, custom batteries assembled locally using Molicel P42A's
I can't speak from experience, but they are rated pretty highly from what I have read in the past, apparently have supplied NASA applications (not sure what), and popular in vape circles for high output and lifespan