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Izip E3 Peak Motor issue


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May 25, 2023
Hi - I have a 2016 Currie IZIP E3 Peak. I just had the battery refurbished and it was working well. After two weeks with the new battery, I used pedal power with a little throttle assist to get up a small hill and heard something snap/break. The motor stopped engaging the gears/clutch. The bike works with no power assist, but I would like to use the new battery and motor. In the air on a stand, the motor whirs and throttle works. On the ground, there is no power assist and it makes a rough noise sometimes - like gears that aren't engaging but hitting each other inside the Transx motor mid-drive hub.

I love this bike so much and would like to repair it or replace the motor. I have no motor experience, so where can I get this repaired or purchase a replacement motor and have it installed?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
inside the Transx motor mid-drive hub.
Is it a middrive, or a hubmotor? Or are you referring to a regular rear wheel hub?
Unfortunately, unless you have a dealer near you with old TransX parts, you might be kind of on your own. They got phased out a couple of years ago.
You might be at the nothing to lose by opening it up yourself point, to look for something obviously broken.
Ok, so the way it looks, if the pedals still drive the chain to the rear wheel, there is probably a freewheeling clutch or one-way roller bearing inside the motor system that has failed, since you can hear the motor still working. Could be broken / stripped gears instead, but the sound better describes a clutch failure.

It's likely that all of these parts are custom, and not available anywhere except from the factory (which means unavailable now), but you could open up the drive to at least see inside it. You might be lucky and the failed part could be a standard one that Mcmaster-carr or Grainger might stock.

A replacement drive would probably have to be a hubmotor, unless you can modify your frame to accept one of the other middrives that mount similarly such as the Bafang M or Ultra types. You'd also be replacing your display (if any) and possibly other parts, in either case.

The battery may still work with a new system, if it is sufficiently capable to deliver the required current, and the right voltage. You'll probably have to rewire all the connectors on anything you keep on the bike to match the new parts, so you may have to do some testing before disassembly of the existing system to find out what each wire is for on those items you're keeping.

If you go with a hubmotor, you'll have to keep the TranzX drive system on there becuase it has your cranks built into it. You could gut the stuff out of it that isn't physically required for the cranks to work to lighten it up a bit if necessary.
Where are you located My shop repairs I-zip bikes and motors. It sounds like the pols on the clutch in your motor snapped this is attached to your torque sensor which engages the motor via the pedals there is also on the rear wheel and when the motor does not sense that moving it kills power to the motor, which is why it still spins on throttle. I have that replacement part in stock. We also accept motors shipped to us for repairs. Thanks