Current (2023) recommendations for trustworthy ebike battery vendors

Oct 19, 2014
As per title, this has obviously been discussed a lot over the years, but what are current suggestions for trustworthy high-power batteries, ready to plug and play? Not too concerned about form factor, I can work with most things as it is for a large cargo bike. I've had only positive experiences with Grin and EM3EV, but shipping is a killer from Grin sadly and EM3EV don't seem to have anything in a 21700 cell type at this stage. I'm wondering if any decent new players have emerged.
I suggest you pay the shipping and be done with it, Not many vendors can afford to stay in business producing high quality batteries. It's a boutique business. They would rather make a million putting out low cost product.

When UL standards become necessary to ship product to the USA, vendors will find they have to be in compliance and better quality packs will arrive. Probably in 2024.
I'm talking $200 USD shipping on a $700 USD battery (close on 30% of the cost of the battery). I understand what you are saying and I agree low cost and high quality doesn't work on a small scale, however, we have a lot more ebikes on the road than 10 years ago and I feel demand must be growing for reliable and reasonably priced batteries.
Making it $300 AUD.

Don't get me wrong. I generally agree with the sentiment that paying a lot once is better than paying twice for an inferior product. But shipping from USA and Canada to Australia sucks serious donkey balls.
Em3ev the 52v and 1,000 mid-drive kit. And be happy
Or gamble through China with a gambling battery and make your donkey balls feel good.
True customer service has a value too so.
I got a cyc pro1 gen2 from the factory and they gave me wiring harness pinouts six different downloads still didn't work it's been over 2 years of nasty letters finally for $90 more with Shipping. Plus the 1,200usd and wait 2 months for the kit to arrive yes mid drive and yes no battery the other battery cost me $1100 from the United States. So I feel you
Plus I just bought a cheap kit 72 volt 3000 w rear hub motor kit for 345usd shipped. Sali motors it's a little funky and has a mellow start but we'll go 46 miles an hour. Did I say the only advantage of this is cheap.
The controller is pretty nice because all my other 72 volt controllers kind of make me twitch when I start up I mean who wants to do a wheelie at 65.
Also see how the controller the mid drive and the battery will fit on the bike you plan on using sometimes there's no place for the battery or the controller etc.
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This is a DIY form and if you buy a spot welder will tell you what battery sells to get to match your controller and the distance you want to go when you have a picture of your bike and the size and the place or we can put the battery and you got to start first with the frame and what mid drive would you like to use.
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I hope it sounds like it worded it whatever
First show us your donor build bike
Second is it for flats hills trails
Oh yes I know you're talking about the battery
Better be nice to know what voltage do you want Bluetooth do you need a plug for your phone.
Since you're asking what are your requirements how many amps do you need the battery to draw. Meaning what controller stock are you going to run one on the outside ?
I'd prefer not to DIY at this point simply because I have to too many projects on the go already. Currently running 14s off the shelf cordless tool packs on a few different bikes (52v nom) which works pretty well overall. I need to be able to draw 40A peaks but generally draw less than 20 for most riding, don't travel far so anything around 10Ah, 14-15s would be ideal.
Would love to get a good welder and make up custom packs in the future, but it is a big outlay plus the time required which I just don't have at the moment. Run into the ground keeping up with work, health issues, and looking after the kids at this point in life unfortunately.
Call me hopelessly optimistic, but I'd still like to believe there are more than two decent battery retailers worldwide!
Folks here have a hard time recommending battery vendors because things change quickly in the business. A vendor who may have had good product even a few months ago may now be reported to have supplied poorer quality packs more recently, or slipped up on customer service, etc.

Also, "decent" quality costs real money and the marketplace seems to be driven by bargain hunters.

I need to be able to draw 40A peaks
That is getting into the more expensive territory, high discharge cells and/or more parallel groups than commodity-level packs.

You may be able to find someone local-ish that can build you a pack to your specifications. Have you looked on your local online classifieds or FB marketplace or equivalents?

Otherwise, I have read previously that UPP can (or at least did in the past to good effect-- who knows what they are doing now?) build a pack to the buyer's specs (better cells, real nickel strips, quality BMS, etc.) for a fee. Something to try? (Several others have reported horror stories about "regular" UPP batteries). :confused:

I have sourced from Ali*. About 50% of what I have received has been unusable, about 25% has been downright dangerous. Refunds have been hit-or-miss. Pricing has seemed to good to be true at first, much of it turns out to be bait'n'switch, inextricably ending up at a higher price by the end of Checkout without logic or explanation. Promised coupons seemingly evaporate. I guess my psychology keeps me coming back to browse there simply because that initial bargain price is so appealing, but like fellow ES member Amberwolf recently posted in another thread, I am learning to trust it only for "penny" items that are not mission-critical. I personally would not buy a battery pack from there. YMMV.
Thanks for sharing, haha yes they have certainly got the baiting system worked out! I've been close to buying on Aliexpress thinking "how bad can it be" but as you've mentioned safety is a big factor with cheap batteries, not just the risk of it not working.
Upp has a BMS that has just the LvC and hvc and not the balancing function. As I remember you paid for the balancing feature upgrade and as I remember they even had a Bluetooth BMS make sure you get it with balancing and pay the extra money and also pay the extra money for quality cells through upp but I guess they probably still use the cheapest nickel strips on all batteries cutting the corner somewhere that's just a guess.

Now it would help us to know what type of bike you're going to build or maybe this is for a scooter what do you tend to do horse trails streets commute bike paths just flat Beach terrain this may dictate what the battery you need. What I'm trying to say batteries are built for their purpose just like a pair of shoes you wouldn't wear your slippers to hike up the Himalayas.
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Thanks for sharing, haha yes they have certainly got the baiting system worked out! I've been close to buying on Aliexpress thinking "how bad can it be" but as you've mentioned safety is a big factor with cheap batteries, not just the risk of it not working.
The trustworthiness of the owner/operator is paramount when using a suitable battery ... whether EM3ev or UPP.

Besides Grin and EM3ev the only [popular] budget-minded consideration besides AliExpress is UPP.
How trustworthy it is for only $431 (72v 40a BMS with 21700 cells) time will tell. Do you really need a balancing BMS assuming the UPP battery uses A-grade 4800mAh LG cells? ...

If your use will be more toward moderate vs raw performance then that UPP at $431 is tempting - Buyer Beware.
Yeah, given the safety thing, I would not buy a pre-built battery that wasn't built by someone that actually cares about it and the end-user (even if it's only so they don't get sued). (same for buying cells)

I cant' afford the shipping and battery cost, either, so I sympathize.

This method isn't for everyone, but if you want a cheaper battery that you can still trust, that you won't have to *completely* build yourself, your best bet is to buy used large-EV cell modules that use large-capacity cells (with cells designed for higher currents than you're actually going to use them at).

Some of them are made of bolt-together cells or cell modules, so are pretty easy to rearrange into whatever series/parallel configuration you need. But even those that are all welded together are still usable--if you get one that has more series cells than you need, just connect your main +/- taps to a subset of them. If you can fit them all on the bike or vehicle, just leave the rest there and connected, just not in use in your system. Then you have spares you can wire in later if you have to, without any pack disassembly. Or if there are enough, it can be a lighting or accessory pack.

Most used large-EV packs work perfectly fine and don't have bad cells, and often enough all the cells are even still identical in properties, so when used well within their limitations they will remain balanced without a BMS taking care of that (which is ideal, whether or not you use a BMS for safety shutoffs, etc).

The thing about large-EV packs is that the cells in them, and the manufacturing techniques to assemble them, will have undergone much more QC testing and defect elimination than pretty much any "ebike" battery you can just go out and buy.

Modules can be either the traction modules, meant to run the motor, or they can be the ones from the "starter" or accessory batteries. Mostly depends on the current you need out of them vs their capabilities / design intent for which is needed.

Sources for these vary around the world; if you have places like Batteryhookup and other recyclers, or local vehicle breakers, you can keep an eye out for the specific ones you need--it can take time to do, so if you're in a hurry for a pack it's not really ideal, but if you can wait, you may get a screaming deal on the ideal pack for your usage. ;)
Thanks guys, I will check out UPP , and you make a very good point Amberwolf about the ev cells and the R&D that goes into these modules. I suspect in the coming years we will find it easier to get hold of broken up large EV batteries are more of these vehicles hit the roads. We have low uptake in my part of the world at this stage but that will undoubtedly change.
A vendor who may have had good product even a few months ago may now be reported to have supplied poorer quality packs more recently, or slipped up on customer service, etc.
Not the case with cellman here on ES. His company EM3ev has been consistently good quality for over a decade..
UPP certainly has tempting prices though...wonder if their LG and Tesla 21700 cells are genuine?
Chinese manufacturers (Alixpress, UPP, etc.) have been known to substitute cells having the same supposed 18650 or 21700 capacity as that of say a legiimate LG 21700 4800mAh cell or a popular Samsung cell. However, the Ah capacity and MCD amp rating is below par compared to a genuine A-grade LG or Samsung cell.

As such sub-par (counterfeit?) cells may not even have a genuine LG or Samsung label wrap. Such cells may have cost the manufacturer no more than $2-3 ea in bulk quantity. They may suffice for casual/moderate ebiking, but not for those interested in sustained performance (power/speed) for one's overall riding enjoyment.

ES has always been known for DIY quality performance builds with sustained endurance for power, speed and cycle life. Thus UPP, AliExpress and other less expensive Chinese ebike batteries are NOT recommended by knowledgeable and experienced battery DIY builders at Endless Sphere (
I brought a 20s 6p 21700 Samsung 40t cells ??? BT BMS triangle pack from bicycle motor works and only got 19ah for Samsung 40t 6p 4,000mah cell or 24ah that's how much the battery should get on paper but I've only got 19 ampere hour at the most at 60 or 40 amp controller. So that battery has 100 amp BMS and the cells can do 180 amps on paper 6p. Good luck For 1,1640 USD and sent it back because wouldn't fully charge only charge to 81 volts with regular BMS he replaced a parallel group. So I sent it back to Pennsylvania from Southern California and he put a Bluetooth BMS on and it works good but I only get 19 maybe 17 ah. WB
Made in the USA
I had money but and I was lazy and I didn't know what spot water to get what a waste of money. As I have two other 80 volt batteries and a 52 and a 48 I don't even have that many bike set up.
Batteries don't ask me about buying batteries.
Sherddtrddttttttt. !!!!!!!!

His name is Matthew Bzura.
Can you find the five ampere hours you forgot to put in my battery for $1,100 USD
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