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Need help choosing controller for older hub motor


1 mW
Feb 23, 2018

I recently bought a chinese electric scooter, named as Keeway Leone Ecopower. Manufacturing year is 2011.
I am unable to find any meaningful data on this thing, other than some general photos and specs about charger.
Motor has text on it saying Evader EV1000 but searching by it gives nothing. Cannot even tell if it brushless or not :)
All I know, is that it is supposed to be a 48V 1000W scooter. It was running four small 12V agm or similar batteries which are gone and also motor controller is gone.
Motor has three rather thick phase wires and also sensor wires.
When I connected a 48V adapter to battery wires, it came alive in general - lights and everything working.

Now I am thinking about changing it to 18650 Li-ion battery which I have a lot at hand and maybe a bit stronger motor controller. Something like 1500-2000W and maybe even a bit higher voltage - 60 or so.
Can maybe anyone identify the motor and help with selecting correct controller?
So far I have found these:

As I have seen few older 12" hub motors out of which some ran with KT controllers and not Focan ones and then others that ran only with Focan and not KT controllers without making any sense to me as of why so, I'd like to plan and buy the correct one right away and not start blindly testing different ones.
So any help would be greatly appreciated...


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That's a brushless motor. The big Y/G/B wires are phase power, small Y/G/B wires are Hall sensor outputs for their respective phases, red and black wires are +5V and GND.

You can use practically any brushless controller, but you'll have to reconcile the plugs one way or the other. If you want to run it at a nominal 2000W, you'll need 50-60 amps at 48V or proportionally less current at higher voltage. A controller that has a self learning mode makes it easy to set up, but it's a convenience rather than a necessity.

Whichever brushless controller you have in the right power range will work, but you have to get the wire assignments correct because there aren't industry standards for it. I would choose a controller based on what display I wanted to use (or whether I wanted a display at all).
Hi Chalo,

thanks for pointing me to right direction.
By today I have ordered a rather random 2kW 48V controller from eBay and got it all working fine just yesteday.
Neu 2000W DC Brushless Motor Controller 48/ 72V E-bike Roller Elektrofahrrad | eBay
Only thing I do not yet have is the ammeter reading which should be on the right side display. This is just blue with backlight but otherwise blank. Also the small middle one is not working but this I think is/was a clock or something, so no biggie.
Speed and battery reading on the left are working as should.


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The scooter screen was liking reading and displaying amps reading from the old controller. Having replaced the controller, the new one likely doesn’t have a compatible data wire to offer that information. You may be able to work around with an in-line shunt to get your amps, but that depends on whether the screen can read the amps or if it’s just a display.

Another thought: I’m just going by the photo and the size of the phase wires compared to your thumb, but those phases look a mite thin to take 60+ phase amps from your now twice-as-powerful controller. Keep an eye on them and check for heating.

Also, as has been posted about many times on the forum, several hall/phase conbinations will make a motor spin. But only one (or two?) will run the motor efficiently. Other combinations can lead to inefficient operation, extra battery amps drawn, and controller heating. Just ICYMI.

Good luck, have fun!
This is very likely, yes.
I did not really have my hopes up anyway when replacing a controller on old-tech 2011 machine, made to run with four acid-batteries.
It has already gone quite well since the thing is driving fine.
And I think the phase wire coloring matches correctly this time, though wires coming from controller are rather thin indeed.

From original controller socket there is one wire I did not connect as I could not figure out where or why - purple colored one.
Seems to have positive charge on it and voltage changes with motor speed. Higher the speed, higher the voltage. So kind of like speed indicator but for what? Tried tracking it from schematic it makes no sense to me as it seems to connect to rear light wire.

There is Current indicator on schematic and seems to go directly into a shunt near batteries. Back under the seat I do see correct colored wires (brown/yellow and greed/red) being connected to a small black box attached to frame and something that looks like a fuse but on ground side. This small box has two wires coming in - red and yellow (green/red) and two gray wires going out to this fuse like thing, one to both ends. And the brown/yellow also is connected to same fuse like thing, the blue socket on bottom right on photo.
So this black box probably is the one but what it is and how it should function? Is there a way to test it?


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brother that is all evader. I'm blown away that you found a schematic for it. I had one, but let it go, 500w brushed motor and controller...
there's a guy in seattle that has a stash of evader parts, if you need anything...
PtheDude! Greetings from a fellow Seattle-ite. (Actually north of Everett, but you get it.) I have a 4000e Electric Scooter that stopped working rather recently. It degraded over time with less and less throttle response from freshly charged batteries. Battery life indicator confirms good. No motor movement at all now with throttle actuation. Tried test to disconnect brake circuit, with no change. Thinking the Controller may be trashed. Would love to chat about what you might have access to - to replace or upgrade the controller.