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PSW Power .com Ratings


10 µW
Jan 16, 2019
Have anyone here used this Seller

It is very cheap Like this:
I am aware the batter might have less AH.
And this:

Bernt Lassen
Have anyone here used this Seller

Yes. This is a list of posts mostly in the newer forum version in no particular order that discuss or mention them

This is a list of posts by date for the archived version of the forum

Regarding the other things you've listed, I can't tell you anything as you haven't asked any questions about them yet.
Thank you for your reply
I will dig into it.
I tried to search myself but did not find that much
Might have misspelled:giggle:

Bernt "Båndsei"
If something goes wrong you’re on your own with psw. Package not delivered, money gone. Battery quits after 1 month of use, after long debate, sending it back for repair i got 20% of my money back while the site states they give warrants for 2 years. Tongsheng tsdz2b maingear within 2 months, nothing.
Psw never again.
I ordered a motor from them. Delivery was fast and item as described.
I started this tread but forgot to tell my experience with PSW power.
I ordered the battery and centermotor mentioned on top.
I ordered it from Germany and it arived quite fast .
Tested the battery to 14,7 AH mounted the motor and it worked fine.